How to Get Catering Right

When you need to feed a crowd of people, you have to bring in the pros. That’s right. You’re not staying up all night preparing your own treats, you’re turning to professional caterers. Catering has many advantages. If you’re supplying a meeting or training with food, selecting the right catering provider can help you wrangle your audience, and produce a productive gathering. Getting catering right is crucial as a planner. Here’s how to find the right catering fit for your next big event.

The Right Catering Provider Offers Variety for the Whole Team

Placing food orders for a group of people can be as daunting as hosting the actual meeting or event itself. Everyone has their own dietary restrictions and preferences. You have to account for a variety of tastes with one order. Collecting individual orders creates its own set of complications, but blind guessing isn’t exactly an appealing prospect. When you work with the right catering provider, they can offer enough variety for a full spectrum of tastes.

Make Sure Your Catering Selections Aren’t Too Heavy

You’re not totally in the dark when it comes to choosing food for your group of people. There are some general guidelines that will help you make the right selections. If you’re providing catering for a productive event like a meeting or training, you want your audience to stay focused. A heavy meal like barbecue or pizza boggs people down and can make the rest of your afternoon sluggish. Choosing lighter selections is the better choice.

Make the Most of Your Next Meeting

Work with a caterer that you can trust, and you’ll knock your next event out of the park. Good catering keeps everyone happy and offers a chance to refocus before the next part of your meeting or event.

Plan Your Catering Menu with Dunn Brothers

Dunn Brothers Coffee is ready to help cater your next event. Of course, coffee helps everyone stay sharp during meetings and trainings, but Dunn Brothers also offers a full catering menu. Delicious sandwiches and wraps provide light, nourishing options that won’t weigh your team down. To learn more about catering options for your next event, contact Dunn Brothers in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020.