What Does Coffee Bean Roasting Actually Do?

Depending on your level of involvement in your coffee, you may know more or less about the whole process. You may also care more or less about what goes into your coffee. For some, coffee is just a means to an end, a way to get through the day. We are coffee nerds, so we take a little more interest in the process. (Okay, a lot more interest.) One of the areas that most fascinates us is the roasting process. We have our own San Franciscan roaster in store so that we can roast our own coffee daily. But what does coffee bean roasting actually do? Let’s get into it.

Coffee Bean Roasting Creates Chemical and Physical Changes

Coffee bean roasting serves a number of purposes when it comes to creating the final product that you know and love. Green coffee beans don’t have the same flavor profile that you associate with a cup of coffee. The Maillard reaction (brought on by roasting) causes a browning effect that leads to the color and flavor change. While coffee beans lose water weight during the roasting process, they also physically expand as the water is trapped as steam. Controlling different factors while roasting gives you differences in taste and finish.

Dunn Brothers Roasts Coffee In House for Optimal Control

Whenever we have the chance to touch a part of the coffee-making process, we get excited. That’s why we have a roaster in-store that we use. By changing the temperature, time, and relative humidity, you can create different roast styles (think light, medium, and dark). When you have a number of bean varieties as well, you can create so many different flavor combinations. Check out the roasting process by stopping by our store.

Dunn Brothers Is Ready to Talk Coffee Whenever You Are

If you’re as fascinated by the roasting process as we are, we want to hear about it! Talk to us about your favorite roast and bean combinations. We love chatting about coffee. Our Coralville store has a full breakfast and lunch menu in addition to a wide selection of coffees. To learn about our available items and catering menu, you can contact Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020.