What Makes A Space Feel Collaborative?

Everyone knows the value that teamwork can have. When you’re able to work alongside peers and friends you’re able to exchange ideas and improve them together. In the digital age, everyone is seeking for more ways to collaborate. You may have the intention to collaborate, but you need an environment to match. Finding or creating the ideal workspace for a team encourages everyone to exchange ideas. You’ll get the most out of meetings, brainstorming, and work sessions when you have the right work environment. So what is it that makes a space feel collaborative?

Natural Light and Open Space Are Key for Collaborative Environments

Esthetic elements play a huge role in the feeling that a space creates. Natural light does something to the brain that artificial light simply can’t. Having an abundance of natural light in a space causes it to feel open and engaging. It stimulates communication and creativity. This is a must for your collaborative space.

Open space is another important element for collaboration. Low ceilings and lots of walls (think cubicles) may encourage focus and increase individual productivity for certain tasks, but they’re not conducive to collaboration. To create a collaborative environment, high ceilings and an open floor plan are recommended.

Beyond the Physical Environment, You Want to Create a Collaborative Atmosphere as Well

This concept is a little more abstract than the one above. Work spaces need to feel welcoming and encouraging for collaboration to happen. Coworkers and peers should exist on the same level. Members of the team should feel invited to ask questions and pitch ideas. When you’re willing to entertain any solution, you open yourself and your project up to more possibilities.

If You’re Looking for a Collaborative Work and Event Space, Dunn Brothers Is for You

At Dunn Brothers Coffee, we want to fuel creativity by providing you with hand-crafted, house-roasted coffee beverages. However, we also want to host your creativity. That’s why our floor plan is open and filled with natural light. When you’re on the hunt for an inviting work or event space, check out our Coralville store. You can learn more about hours and menu items by contacting Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020.