Produce Your Best Work Using These 3 Easy Tips

Everyone wants to do good work. Whatever your passion is — that thing you do for free, that you chase in the wee hours of the morning — you want to give it your all. Being productive is something that creatives talk about a lot, but actually producing is another story. You’re a smart, talented person, so when you’re able to be productive, the work is going to be great. However, sometimes getting to that productive place can be a challenge. Is there a scientific way to “be productive?” With anything creative, it’s a mix of art and science, but here are 3 tips to help you produce your best work.

1. Create A Consistent Schedule for Yourself and Stick to It

This is one of the most difficult tasks for a creative person because creatives’ schedules tend to be all over the place, and so do their minds. A great idea may hit you at 1 AM as you’re trying to sleep. You may have to take a meeting one morning during a time you would normally be working on a creative project.

For this to work, you have to treat this creative time as sacred. If you’re consistent about setting aside time daily (even just 30 minutes) to focus on a project or endeavor, you’ll condition your mind to be ready to work.

2. Approach Problems with a Positive State of Mind

This sounds cliche and nebulous, but it’s actually an incredibly effective tactic. You’re going to face setbacks during your creative endeavors. You can allow that to slow you down and pull your focus, or you attack problems with a positive state of mind. When you stay positive and aggressively pursue solutions, you gain momentum. Suddenly, the road forward becomes obvious, rather than an abstraction that you can’t visualize.

3. Stay Caffeinated

Okay, yes, this one comes off as a little self aggrandizing, but we genuinely do want to be partners in your creative process! We’re a team of people who take our craft seriously and constantly look for ways to improve. We create a positive, collaborative environment that we want to share with fellow creatives.

Dunn Brothers Has Coffee to Keep the Productivity Flowing

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