Why We Love Coffee So Much

Coffee has so many properties that make it an outstanding beverage. Of course we love coffee, I mean our whole business is based around it! Many people drink coffee for the caffeine, and while it’s great for a morning pick me up, coffee is so much more than just a shot of stimulation. We love coffee for the scientific and artistic freedom that it gives us as a team. We love the communal aspect of the beverage, and the many ways that you can prepare it. On this week’s blog, we wanted to get into the reason that we love coffee so much.

Coffee Is a Canvas on Which We Can Express Ourselves Artistically

We’re coffee nerds. We love drinking coffee, but we also like talking about coffee and playing with its principle components. We consider ourselves artists, and coffee is our medium. That’s why we have a San Franciscan Roaster in our store. We roast our own beans in small batches because it’s fun, and it gives us the level of control we crave. We can adjust time, temperature, and relative humidity to create any number of roast styles with our many different bean varieties.

We Love that Coffee Is a Slow Beverage

The world moves quickly. It’s easy to get caught up in a busy schedule. You can move through life without taking time to enjoy the things you’re doing as you’re doing them. At its best, coffee is a slow beverage. It’s meant to be sipped, samples, and enjoyed at a leisurely pace. It’s a slow wade into your morning. Of course, everyone needs a quick espresso shot to keep going every now and then, but in general, the pace of coffee makes it a more comfortable beverage.

Come Into Dunn Brothers Coffee and Tell Us Why You Love Coffee

What makes coffee your go-to beverage? We want to talk about it. Feel free to chat us up when you visit for your next cup of joe. We’re always excited to talk about our favorite thing. In addition to a variety of beans and roast styles, we also have a breakfast and lunch menu, as well as a catering menu. You can learn about all of the Dunn Brothers Coffee offerings by contacting our Coralville, IA location at 319-665-2020.