Fall Has Arrived at Dunn Brothers Coffee

While a lingering heatwave always seems to strike after Labor Day weekend, it is, for all intents and purposes, fall! We love this season, because as the temperatures drop, a warm cup of coffee tastes even better. What are you excited for this season? We’re thrilled to roll out some of our seasonal favorites! From our food and catering menu to our selection of beverages, fall has officially arrived at Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville. On this week’s blog, we’re breaking down some of our exciting creations.

Pumpkin Pie Latte Is a Delicious Autumn Adventure

We start our seasonal preview with the one thing on everyone’s mind when the seasons change: Pumpkin. Yes, of course the widely heralded flavor of fall is “pumpkin spice,” but we like to take it a step further with our autumn espresso drink. We have the Pumpkin Pie Latte, and it’s everything you want out of fall. Real pumpkin, real spices, and the kicker: maple syrup. We top this concoction with house-made cinnamon whipped cream for that extra touch of love.

Honey Spiced Nirvana Is the Mashup You’ve Been Missing

If you enjoy our house Nirvana brew (made with Infinite Black Cold Press), then you’ll be super excited to try this seasonal mashup. The Honey Spiced Nirvana is a combination of our signature Nirvana brew with the comforting flavor of a Miel. Honey syrup, brown sugar, and a dash of cinnamon create a soothing companion for the robust flavor of our cold-pressed coffee.

Apple Honey Toast Will Satisfy Your Cravings

Of course, we’re more than simply coffee. We’ll satisfy your appetite as well, and our seasonal food item is up for the task. Apple Honey Toast packs in texture, flavor, and satiety to boot. Creamy mascarpone cheese adds substance beneath the crunch of fresh Granny Smith apples. Topped with granola and honey, this pleasingly sweet creation is an ideal fall treat.

Visit Dunn Brothers Coffee for Your Taste of Fall

We’re excited to welcome in the flavors of fall, and we hope you are too. We create an open, collaborative space in our store, perfect for your next brainstorming meeting or solo work session. Find out more about our full catering and coffee menus by calling the Dunn Brothers Coffee Coralville, IA location at 319-665-2020.