Give Yourself a Creative Retreat

Creativity can come from anywhere at any time. That means you have to be prepared to go with the flow when creativity strikes. It also means that creative blocks can strike suddenly. You may feel like you don’t have any agency when it comes to harnessing your own creativity, but that’s not true! There are steps you can take to unleash your own creative process. One of the most effective ways to create is by getting out of your normal routine. In today’s blog, we cover how you can give yourself a creative retreat.

Get Out of Your Normal Creative Routine

The best way to create a retreat-like experience for yourself is by ditching your normal routine. If you always sit at the same desk to work, or if you always utilize the same timeframe in the day to try to create, change it up! Choose a new time, a new setting, and a new process for doing work. Sit outside to do some writing. Drink a beverage you’ve never had while you work. Try an early-morning session instead of an evening. Changing the way you work is likely to prompt a change in how you create!

Keep Yourself Open to Creative Possibilities

Another beneficial step that you can take to give yourself a retreat is to keep your mind open. If you have a specific project you’re trying to tackle, you can end up getting in your own way creatively. Commit to creating something and let the inspiration of the moment guide you. When you’re open to different possibilities, you can create something great that you had never considered before! This is an effective way to avoid the creative blocks that too often disrupt your process. An open mind leads to more creativity.

Don’t Shut Down Your Own Creativity

It’s easy to become your own worst enemy when you’re trying to create. You may point to distractions or a lack of creative inspiration when you think about why you struggle to work at times. However, often, you can shut down your own creativity. Rather than continuing to create, you can start to evaluate and self edit your own ideas. If you begin to do this, it can shut down your ability to create. You spend more time trying to fix your undeveloped ideas rather than trying to fully develop them.

Explore Your Creativity at Dunn Brothers Coffee

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