How Do You Approach the Start of Your Day?

Everyone likes to make a good first impression; if only every day felt the same way. Some days greet you with open arms, and others come with a rude awakening. Instead of relying on the day to dictate how you feel, try to dictate how you feel about the day. This concept is abstract, and it’s not always easy to implement, but it can make a drastic difference in how you feel throughout your day. It’s time to ask yourself how you approach the start of your day. Making small changes to this approach can lead to dramatic results for your productivity and mental state.

Give Yourself Time with No Agenda at the Start of the Day

Everyone approaches their morning differently. Some people like to finish a workout and breakfast before the sun rises. Others roll out of bed and head straight for the office. Whether or not you’re a “morning person,” there’s a common thread that can help you have a better start to your day. Make sure you give yourself time without any sort of agenda at the start of the day. Even if it’s just five minutes, give yourself the opportunity to wake up without rushing into the first activity. You may want to adopt a meditation practice to help you remember to give yourself this time each morning.

After Your Gentle Start, Have a Plan for Your Morning

What you need at the start of your morning is specific to you as an individual. Again, not everyone wants to go on a 2 mile run as soon as they wake up. You have to do what’s best for you, but be sure to give yourself enough time — however long it is — to start your day. Having a plan helps keep you on track as you get ready. You may plan for a workout, some reading, breakfast, or a walk with the dog. Your plan may be as simple as, I’m going to give myself an extra 10 minutes in the bathroom to get ready. Through planning, try to reduce the amount of rush you experience in the morning.

Your Morning Sets the Tone for the Rest of the Day

When you feel rushed in the morning, it’s easy to then feel rushed throughout the day. A stressful start leads to a stressful tone. When you give yourself time to breathe and do whatever you need to do at the start of your day, you’ll feel more relaxed and patient throughout your day. You may be someone who feels like they get the most out of their free time at night. It’s okay to feel that way! It’s still crucial that you carve out a little morning time for yourself before the day truly begins.

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