Where Does Your South American Coffee Come From?

If you’re a coffee fanatic (welcome to the club), you probably take an interest in every part of the coffee-making process. We certainly do. That’s why we roast our beans in-house on a daily basis. Roasting allows us to control the flavor profile of our coffee beans. The brewing technique also contributes to the flavor. Then there’s the beans themselves. The origin of each coffee bean plays a huge role in the flavor profile of your drink. This is true even within a large region, and there’s plenty of nuance to sort through. If you know what flavor profile you like, you can probably trace it back to a certain coffee-growing region. In today’s blog, we cover the major coffee-producing countries in South America and their characteristic flavors.

Peruvian Coffees Often Have a Long Finish and Chocolatey Aroma

For some, the lingering flavor of coffee is one of the biggest appeals. This dark, aromatic drink can stay with you for hours after you’ve finished your last sip. Peruvian coffees tend to have a long finish, adding to this effect. The lighter body and chocolatey aroma create a strong sensory experience that doesn’t get bogged down in bitterness. At Dunn Brothers Coffee, we have several Peruvian medium and dark roasts featured. These coffees include notes of spice, chocolate, and fruit. If that sounds like your preferred profile, you probably prefer Peruvian beans.

Brazilian Coffee Is Typically a Heavy Hitter

The largest coffee producer in the world packs plenty of flavor into its beans. Brazilian coffees are typically characterized by a heavier body. The complex flavors inside are what many coffee nerds love about this bean variety. Brazilian coffee is often unwashed, and the full-bodied nuttiness inherent to the beans is allowed to shine. We have both light and dark Brazilian roasts at Dunn Brothers, so you can try both sides of this flavorful spectrum.

Colombian Coffee Is a Familiar Classic

Even if you’re not a full-blown coffee nerd, you’re probably familiar with Colombian coffee. That’s because this coffee has a common profile that you’re likely to find all over the place. Colombian coffee is usually highlighted by sweet, caramel notes, and an easy-drinking body. Balanced acidity and nutty undertones round out a very approachable coffee. We brew Colombian coffee from the Cauca region, a mountainous, volcanic area within the Andes. Choosing a light or dark roast will determine whether you experience more dark chocolate flavor or milk chocolate and honey.

Find Your South American Coffee Fix at Dunn Brothers

We love talking coffee and experimenting with new varieties of beans. Give us a visit and talk to our baristas about what you’re looking for in a coffee. We can help you find the perfect cup for you. To learn more about all of our coffee roasts, contact Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020.