Make Your Own Effective Morning Routine

Routines are all about structure and consistency. When you have a morning routine that you can rely on, it acts as a ritual to help prepare you for the day. Of course, it’s important to shake it up every once in a while, but establishing a morning routine that works for you can help you be efficient with your time and get you started on a productive day. In this week’s blog, we cover how you can make your own effective morning routine. Even if you don’t consider yourself a “morning person,” there’s still a way to create a routine that is beneficial for you.

Ask What Your Morning Can Do for You

Before you decide what constitutes an effective morning routine, it’s important to determine what you need your morning to do for you. If you’re not a morning person, maybe you don’t need a long routine, but even something short can be helpful. It’s all about consistency. Do you want to feel awake before heading to work? Do you need to get a work out in before the day begins? Are you at your best when you’ve had some personal time for an hour before you do anything job-related? You know yourself best, so think about what you’d like to get out of your morning.

Make Sure Your Morning Routine Is Repeatable

The purpose of establishing a routine is to give yourself something repeatable that you can reliably count on each day. Can you afford a morning routine that is two hours long? If you’re willing to wake up early enough to make that happen every day, then that’s great! If your routine needs to be more like fifteen minutes, you can still create an effective schedule for yourself. Even making time for ten minutes of light stretching and meditation every morning can improve your mood and focus throughout the day. Maybe you’re someone who needs a full workout and time to do some recreational reading before work starts. Again, you know you best.

Use Your Morning Routine to Keep Yourself Accountable

One of the huge benefits of an established morning routine is having a consistent schedule that keeps you accountable. If the morning is when you make time to go for a bike ride, then you know that’s your opportunity to work out. If you’re feeling a little tired one morning, your routine can help keep you motivated to stay consistent. As with anything else, it’s important to leave room for the occasional freestyle. Maybe you treat yourself to breakfast with a friend one day a month. Having little breaks in your routine can also help stimulate you in the morning.

Start Your Mornings at Dunn Brothers Coffee

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