What’s Your Ideal Coffee Flavor Profile?

Developing and learning your own personal preferences is an important step on the road to fandom. If you’re a recent graduate into the world of delicious, freshly roasted coffee, you may be discovering things about your own preferences for this brewed beverage. Good coffee is complex and comes in many different roast styles and flavor profiles. Finding the ones you like the best is all part of the fun. What you prefer may even be a matter of situational taste. Discovering these preferences involves a lot of delicious sampling. In this week’s blog, we cover some of coffee’s major flavor profiles.

Chocolate, Caramel, and Dark Roast

Roasting is a choice. You can choose to adjust certain parameters to bring out specific notes in a coffee’s flavor. We love having the chance to control and explore different roasting styles in our stores on a daily basis. While not every dark roast has the same flavor profile, many of them are often characterized by a rich chocolate flavor. The taste of caramelization is brought to the forefront by the roasting process, and many of these styles of coffee have full bodies. If you generally like dark roasts, it may very well be because of these flavor profiles.

Unmistakably Acidic Berry Flavors

When you first start drinking coffees that fall outside of the typical, waxy varieties that you find in brand name bags, you’ll likely stumble upon this flavor profile. The bright acidity of berry flavor is one of the most delightful aspects of coffee drinking. This flavor will jump out at you as soon as you take a sip. It’s often found in lighter roasts and Etheopian varieties of coffee. Every coffee-growing region has unique characteristics that impart unique flavors to the beans. Finding the precise style of a particular flavor profile that you like is all part of the fun.

Nuttiness Adds Depth to Coffee Brews

Nuttiness is another common profile that you’ll find in artisan coffees. This isn’t the overpowering hazelnut that you’d find in a flavored creamer, but rather a more earthy flavor that gives the coffee more dimension. If you’ve only ever had weak coffee made with beans that are light on flavor, you may think of coffee as a one-note beverage. In reality, there are so many complex flavors that all play off one another to make every variety of bean and roast unique in a beautiful way.

Find a Variety of Coffee Options at Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville

We roast our own coffee beans in house because we enjoy the process of dissecting and determining flavor. If you’re not sure what type of coffee you’d like, talk to one of our baristas and they can make a recommendation. To learn about all of the coffee varieties that we have available, contact Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020.