Fresh Ingredients and Preparation Matter

The way you refuel at lunchtime can have a marked impact on how you experience the rest of your day. You know this already. If you’ve ever eaten a large, heavy lunch, you’ll find it much more difficult to stay active and alert throughout the rest of your work day. Go with a fast-burning food option or no lunch at all and you’ll experience a crash or find that your hunger distracts you from your work. When it comes to selecting a lunch, what you eat matters. Furthermore, fresh ingredients and preparation matter.

You Need a Lunch Option that Is Satisfying But Not Heavy

What is the ideal lunch food? Well it’s not the same for everyone, and there isn’t one single thing you should eat for lunch every day, but the ideal lunch food contains some common traits. Your lunch needs to be satisfying. It should feel like a meal. Your lunch should include complex carbohydrates, protein, and fat for a balanced diet. By the same token, you don’t want a lunch that bogs you down. If your lunch skews too far in the individual direction of carbs, fat, or protein, it can have this unfortunate effect.

Fresh Ingredients and Preparation Indicate Thought

There are plenty of places that tout “fresh ingredients” as being a vital part of their process. Freshness is a brand, but it’s not just the quality of the food that is implied when someone says they use fresh ingredients. If a business really uses fresh ingredients, it implies a certain level of thought and care. Planning for fresh ingredients takes more work, it’s more expensive. Preparing items fresh takes labor and foresight. When you choose a lunch item prepared with care and fresh ingredients, you’re choosing an option that has thought behind it.

Can You Make a Lunch Item Your Own?

This is an important factor when choosing a dining option for lunch. Many people have dietary restrictions, or even preferences. If you choose a restaurant with fresh ingredients and preparation options, you can typically customize your order to meet your specific needs. Finding the ideal lunch for your workday is a matter of individual need.

Dunn Brothers in Coralville Doesn’t Use Microwaves

You know we’re all about attention to detail. That’s why we house-roast our own coffee. We take the same approach when it comes to our food menu. Fresh ingredients and preparation techniques are a must for us. We don’t even have a microwave in the store. Preparing food this way leads to a higher quality, and it also gives you the ability to customize menu items when you order. To learn about our fresh food menu, please feel free to contact Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-364-7108.