Tips For Parents Struggling To Homeschool

Over 55 million children in the United States are not only staying home, but being homeschooled to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Which means parents are struggling to teach their kids, many while still working themselves! To help parents in our community, we’ve assembled a few tips to make the process more manageable, and hopefully, way less stressful!

Set Up a Schedule (and Encourage Breaks)

During school, kids have breaks between classes, recess, and lunch to play with friends. Which means trying to get them to sit down and steamroll through their school work until it’s done could have negative impacts. Instead, set a schedule that works for you. Do your kids work better in the morning or night? Do they need frequent stops for fresh air or to play a little or watch TV, or would they prefer one longer break then finishing everything up? Every kid is different, and you should embrace a schedule that works well for your child!

Have a Space for Learning

Where they work on their assignments matter. Have an area that is a dedicated learning space. A spot at the table, a little desk in their room, somewhere away from distractions and siblings. This area helps them get into the correct mind frame so they’re ready to work and block out distractions.

Arrange Zoom Playdates

The lack of social interaction is hard for kids. They miss their friends. They miss playing with someone their own age who isn’t a sibling. While Zoom playdates are no substitute, they can help, so talk to other parents about setting up a time for your kids to talk to each other, maybe even as an incentive to get that schoolwork done!

Be Understanding

Some days, they’re going to seem just fine, completely on top of everything that’s happening. You’re going to be amazed at how brave and mature they are. The next day, they could be a sobbing mess. This is normal. We’re in a strange time, with everyone confused at exactly what we should be doing and how effectively to do so to stop the spread of COVID-19. Be understanding when your child has a meltdown over missing their friends, or even missing school! Listen to them, let them know you hear and understand, and if school work needs to pause for a day or two, that’s fine too.

Do You Need a Coffee Break?

If you need a little coffee break, or just can’t bring yourself to cook anything for your next meal, remember that our full breakfast and lunch menu is still available for take-out at our drive through. We even have a Family Meal Pack available! If you have any questions about our menu options, or the health and safety measures our team is taking, you can contact Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020.