Maintaining Your Work/Life Balance

A recent article in Business News Daily revealed that people working from home reported higher levels of stress than their office counterparts, and studies show remote employees tend to work nearly two more hours a day than those in an office. Since many people have been forced to start working from home, they’re discovering the struggle of achieving a work life balance. Fortunately, we have a few tips to help!

The Difficulties of Working from Home

When you arrive at a store, office, or other place of employee, you instantly enter a work mode, where you focus on your tasks and completing your duties for the day. When you clock out and go home, you leave this mode and relax a little. But what if your home is your office? How do you enter a work mode and then leave one, when your emails and tasks are always just a few feet away? These difficulties often lead people to put in more hours than necessary, and to sometimes feel like they never actually clock out.

Create a New Schedule

Experts recommend approaching your work day as if you’re entering an office. Set a time that work starts. Set a time each day that you clock out as well. Setting these limits is healthy, and essential. For many, the sudden change can make focusing hard, especially since you’re surrounded by distractions. For people with children, this is really difficult. Build in time in your new schedule for breaks, lots of them. Give yourself plenty of time for a lunch, and also a few 5-10 minutes breaks to walk away for a bit, cool down, relax and distract yourself. Giving your brain time to rest helps lower stress and allows you to come back to your task with a renewed focus. You also have a chance to give your significant other a break, let them work as well, and give your kids a little attention.

What About Essential Employees?

For essential employees, going into the office or a place of business comes with its own stresses, particularly during a global pandemic. Make sure you’re taking precautions, such as washing your hands frequently and avoiding touching your face. Wear gloves and masks too. Avoid taking personal items into work, and have an area in your home set aside for you to leave your shoes and other items that could potentially be contaminated. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge your concerns and fears, find someone you can talk to and be an ear for fellow essential employees as well.

Balance Is Key!

We know that last month or two has upended many of our lives and caused quite a bit of stress. However, finding a way to manage this stress and strike a new balance could make your new normal feel more…normal! If you have any questions our breakfast or lunch menu options, or about our take-out and delivery options, you can contact Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020.