The Key To Staying Productive At Home

working from homeStudies show that despite what many assume, people working from home on average put in more hours than people in an office. Which means for many people across the country still working from home, stress is a common issue, and despite working more, productivity still suffers. In today’s blog, we have a few tips for improving productivity with mindfulness, giving yourself a chance to rest and take time for yourself.

Stay Mindful

Mindfulness means the ability to be present, handling what is happening around us in the moment. Being mindful helps prevent stress about future tasks or events from consuming us, and long-term, can help you find happiness in where you are as opposed to where you eventually want to be. Having goals for your future, and working towards them, is great, but not at the expense of the present. For people working from home, this approach helps keep you from being mired in your workload, a factor that inhibits productivity and only harms your ability to complete tasks.

Set a Schedule

When you worked in an office, you had a schedule. You had a time you clocked in, a time you left. You could easily separate your work and personal life, which is essential for our own wellbeing. However, working from home blurs those line. Your house or apartment isn’t an escape from work, it’s your new office. First, set aside an area for your work. This area, and this area alone, is where you work on tasks for your employer. Next, set up a schedule for when you start and when you clock out and stick to it!

Take Breaks

Who is more productive, someone who works long stretches and then takes one, maybe two breaks a day, or someone who takes a few smaller breaks to clear their head throughout the day? Studies show the second is more likely to stay productive without being consumed by anxiety. Give yourself a chance to take a break. Take a short walk, lay down on the couch to clear your head, just give yourself a break. Try meditating or maybe make a coffee run for your favorite Dunn Brothers beverage! You’ll likely find that when you return to work, even after a five-minute break, you’re coming back more refreshed and less bogged down.

Let Yourself Clock Out

Seriously, let yourself clock. There is a time when you stop for the day and resist the urge to check your emails or finish up one last task!

Stop in For a Coffee!

If you’re looking for a way to take a break and give yourself a little treat, remember that our dining room is open, and we’re still here with to-go, take out, and delivery options. To learn more about our breakfast, lunch, and beverage options, you can contact Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020. We can’t wait to see you!