Let’s Get Ready For Back-To-School!

back to schoolRight now, many people in our community are getting ready to go back to school. For some, this means heading into classrooms in-person, while others will be online. Whether you’re a student or a teacher, we have gift cards, a quiet place to study, and even fresh beans available to help you navigate this major change!

Buy Your Own Beans

Sometimes, mornings before classes start can be pretty hectic, for teachers and students alike! You simply may not have time to stop by our drive thru for your favorite Dunn Brothers coffee. Fortunately, we sell bags of beans at our store, and you can pick them up anytime or order them online. Now you can start your day with your favorite flavors, or just enjoy a lazy weekend morning.

Gift Cards for Your Teachers

There is a lot of uncertainty about schools starting in-person, and our teachers will have a workload unlike any classroom leaders have experienced. Not only will they be educating structure in class and online at once, they will also be in charge of keeping their rooms clean, trying to protect students, and trying to convince children to keep their hands to themselves wear their masks! What we’re saying is, they’re going to be under a lot of stress and a gift card so they can enjoy their favorite menu selections would not be a bad idea at all!

Study in Our Dining Room

Looking for a fun place to sit down and study for an upcoming test or quiz? Need to get out the house for a bit? Well, our dining room is currently open! You can enjoy a cool, air-conditioned environment, and when winter is here, a warm place to catch up on your school work. Our patio is open too if you need a little sun shine.

Catering for Your School Staff!

Did you know that we cater? If you want to provide lunch or breakfast to your team when school starts, or as a fun treat on these teacher work days before the doors open for students, then give us a call. You can pick up anything from our breakfast and lunch menu, including our coffees, teas, and prepared beverages! If you have any questions about this process, let us know. We’re also happy to answer your questions about delivery options, our to-go and drive-thru options, or about ordering your meal online.

We’re Here to Help You Get Back to School

Our team provides fresh-made and delicious coffee, breakfast, and lunch items for Coralville and surrounding communities. For more information about catering and dining options, you can contact Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020. We’re open seven-days-a-week, whether you need a cup of fresh-brewed coffee or a quiet palace to study!