Happier Homeschool Tips

homeschoolWhile many children in our community will be heading back to school in-person soon, others will be staying home. For parents and kids alike, schooling from home is likely to look very different than it did at the end of the previous school year. In today’s blog, we’re looking at a few tips to help make the process more enjoyable and less stressful!

Set Aside a Classroom Area

This year, teachers will have had more time to prepare their lessons with at-home education in mind. Instead of basically sending home packets of review materials, they will have more lessons, which will challenge your children. To help them get into the mindset, set aside a part of the house as their classroom. This could range from a desk in the living room, to a specific portion of the kitchen table. Having a special area helps them concentrate, and could be a great way to limit distraction, such as toys or tablets.

Keep Important Supplies on Hand

Just because you’re schooling from home doesn’t mean you don’t need supplies! Be sure you pick up what their teachers recommend and have them on hand. This helps prevent situations in which your child suddenly finds he or she needs specific items to complete a project, and prevents you from making last-minute runs to the store and hoping they’re not sold out!

Take Breaks!

Working from home is tough, and so is going to school from home. Kids could become restless without their teacher in the room with them. Feel free to give them breaks throughout the day to let off some steam, run around the backyard, or play a bit. They could then come back to the desk and laptop ready to work, and less likely to be distracted.

Pick Healthy Snacks

Don’t let them binge on candy and sodas. Have water, fresh fruits and veggies, cheeses, low-fat yogurts, whole grain breads and crackers, and other healthy snack items available for them. If you do need a break, remember that our menu has sandwiches, wraps, and salads made with fresh ingredients! You can also pick up a little coffee for yourself, of course. If you have any questions about our menu options, or if you would like to have an item delivered to your door or an event catered, Dunn Brothers has you covered!

Do You Need a Little Coffee Break?

If you and your family need a little break from work and studying, feel free to stop by for a visit! For more information about our services and treats, you can contact Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020. We’re open seven-days-a-week, so if you need to pick up your favorite prepared beverage, or just relax and study in a new environment, our dining room and patio are open!