Tips For Practicing Mindfulness

mindfulnessWhen we’re stressed, we feel overwhelmed and upset, and may internalize these feelings or even take them out on our friend and families. Right now, between a global pandemic, a struggling economy, and an election season, there is plenty to feel anxious about. However, many people find relief by practicing mindfulness, and we have a few tips to get you started.

What is Mindfulness?

Basically, being in a state of mindfulness is the ability to be truly present in the moment. For people struggling with anxiety and feelings, this state offers a chance to stand back and observe your thoughts and feelings without judgment, so you can make valuable observations, and make positive changes. Being able to see your actions, feelings, and inner thoughts without judgment is often key to improvement.

How Do I Calm Myself?

Meditation is a great way to reach a more mindful state, and better manage pain, stress, and anxiety. One way is to sit down and take several deep breaths. Focus on each breath and the sensations you’re experiencing in that moment. Pay attention to the sounds and scents around you, the temperature of the air, and sensation of air passing into and out your body as you breathe. Then, begin moving your focus to recent events and experiences, so you can look at them from another vantage, and better process them. Giving yourself over to a moment of calm can help lower stress, especially as many of us struggle with working from home, schooling from home, and other shifts in our lives.

Give Yourself a Break!

Some people find mindfulness as they enjoy a favorite meal, or a beverage, at their lunchbreak or while home. No matter what form this takes, siting in your car, eating at your desk, or even taking a break on our patio or in our dining room, you should find time to give yourself a break and enjoy a little relaxation. We owe it to ourselves, and to those closest to us, to find a new way to better manage our stress and anxiety, and hopefully make positive changes to our new daily routines. If you have any questions about mindfulness, here are plenty of fun and informative resources online, and you could speak with a counselor or therapist.

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