Stay Safe Over The Holidays

safe holidays coralvilleThe holidays are here, with Hanukkah starting tonight and Christmas just a few days away. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic still a major issue in the country, we all need to take steps to keep ourselves and our family members safe. In today’s blog, we would like to discuss a few ways to stay safe and still enjoy your holiday celebrations.

Wear Your Mask

COVID-19 spreads mainly through droplets put into the air when we sneeze, cough, or even speak. Which is why experts have recommended social distancing since day one, remaining six feet away from others at a minimum. However, you can also take steps to prevent, or limit, breathing in the virus that causes COVID-19, thereby limiting your risk of exposure, or at least your risk of developing a more severe case. You should wear masks whenever you’re out and about in public, especially if you’re indoors. Not only do you protect yourself, but you also protect others. Remember, you can spread the disease in the early asymptomatic stages, before you have a fever, lethargy, or cough.

Avoid Large Indoor Gatherings

Time and time again, people have seen super spreader events happen at concerts, holiday gatherings, and rallies. However, the Centers for Disease Control have also noticed a rise in spreading the illness in smaller gatherings. While initially health organizations recommended limiting gathering to less than ten people at a time, the disease is now so widespread that basically you should avoid even smaller indoor gatherings. You have to make sure everyone is safe, especially if you have immunocompromised or older family members. If you must be indoors due to the cold, consider wearing a mask.

Self-Quarantine and Test If You Have Symptoms

If you find out you have been exposed, then assume you have it and stay away from others and have yourself tested. That way if you are in fact positive, you don’t spread the illness while waiting  for results. Remember, a persistent cough, fever, achiness and exhaustion, and loss of scent and taste are common warning signs.

Be Sure to Stop By!

Our team is still following strict health and safety guidelines, to protect ourselves and our customers. We will be wearing masks and gloves, and washing hands frequently. If you want to enjoy our dining room, or dine outdoors at our firepit patio, then feel free to stop by. You can also enjoy our brews and meals at our drive thru, or to-go. We also deliver through apps like Doordash, Seanmless, Chomp, and GrubHub.

We’re Here With Your Favorite Brews

If you need a little break from the holiday rush, feel free to stop by or drive thru for your favorite Dunn Brothers beverages. For more information on our latest specials and holiday drinks, you can contact Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020.