Help Support Our Teachers!

coralville teachers promotionOur teachers are amazing, and have done so much to ensure our children receive the education they need, even the midst of an unprecedented pandemic. In today’s blog, we would like to talk about our latest gift card promotion, which lets us work with our customers to raise funds and support our educators and schools in the community.

Our Teachers are Amazing

We’re over a year into this pandemic, and in that time our teachers have done amazing work. They shifted instantly to working online, teaching classrooms of kids through Zoom, and then adjusted to openings and periodic closures since then, going above and beyond to ensure the safety of themselves and their students, and to ensure that despite the many ways the pandemic has interrupted our lives, it doesn’t stand between kids and their education. While the ramifications and impacts of the pandemic will be felt long after it passes, we will never forget how the heroes in the public education system stepped up!

Our Gift Card Promotion

We wanted to do a little promotion to help our teachers, giving them much needed funds and a little bit a coffee break. How does our promotion work? Well, when you come in and buy a $5 gift card to donate, we will match the donation and send the proceeds to a school of your choice in the community. We will match the donations up to $50 per school! The promotion will last the entire month of February, so there is still plenty of time to stop by and help your local educators. After all, they deserve! In addition, if you ever want to buy a gift card online for a friend, family member, or teacher, you can pick them up in store, or online by visiting this link.

COVID-19 Precautions

Our team is still practicing strict health and safety guidelines, including wearing masks and gloves at work and maintaining good social distancing. We want to ensure we provide our customers a safe and relaxed environment to relax in. Now, if you prefer to stay home and not enter a business, we understand and have options for you. For example, you can pick up food and drinks to-go at our drive thru. You could also have your favorite meals or coffees delivered through apps like Seamless, Chomp, DoorDash, and Grubhub. Id you have any questions about our latest specials, or if you would like to see enjoy a cup of your favorite Dunn Brothers brews, then contact our team today.

We Would Love to See You Today

We want to help support our educators and schools, and you can help! For more details on our latest promotions or special offers, you can contact Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020.