Where Does Our Coffee Come From?

coralville coffee beansWe want to make sure that everyone who picks up a cup of fresh coffee or one of our prepared beverages enjoys a hot cup of slow-brewed coffee. But where does the coffee we use come from? In today’s blog, we’re looking at the different places from around the world, always sourced ethically, that provide our amazing flavors!


Our medium and dark brews from Peru contain chocolates, spices, berries, and other delicious flavor blends. The beans are grown in the CENFROCAFE cooperative, a collection of 220 small-scale farms in Cajamarca. The cooperative supports 2,000 farms and their families, giving them access to education, healthcare, and crucial social services!

Costa Rica

Our Costa Rican light roast contains hints of berry, tart, and wine, and is produced on the Las Lajas farm, which has been growing rich and delicious beans for three generations. They use a special honey process to ensure a sweet flavor in their brews. We also have a dark roast with hints of floral and chocolate cultivated in the Tarrazu region, just outside of San Jose.


Our Colombian light roast, which contains hints of honey, citrus, and milk chocolate, comes from the Colombian Massif! We also have a decaf dark roast with great flavors and no caffeine!


We also have dark roast flavors from Brazil, the world’s largest producer of coffee! The Brazilian beans we use all come from the southern portion of Minas Gerais outside of Sao Paulo, known for creating rich and full-bodied flavors.


From the renowned Antigua region of Guatemala, we have a medium roast with hints of caramel, citrus, and oak, as well as a dark roast with spice, oak, and brown sugar.


This light roast contains citrus and brown sugar flavors, and is part of our Changemaker Collection. When you buy these beans and coffee, you help support millions of Congolese refugees and other refugees from around the world. Learn more by visiting www.ARCrelief.org.

Papua New Guinea

In the western highlands of Papua New Guinea, sustenance farmers grow beans with hints of earth, chocolate, caramel, spices, and smoke. These local farms could contain hundred of trees, or as little as two!

If you would like to learn more about our brews, please visit our website to talk to us when you stop in for your next cup. We’re always happy to answer questions, visit, and offer you your favorite meals or brews from our full menu.

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