You Should Still Be Cautious!

coralville masks covid19Despite the fact that over 580,000 people in Iowa are vaccinated against COVID-19, positivity rates continue to climb after months of steady falls. As people become assured that a return to normal is imminent, many people are dropping precautions. However, we want to remind you that staying vigilant and safe is still necessary, even if normal appears around the corner!

Vaccination Rates are Growing!

First, the good news! As of right now, the Centers for Disease Control report that over 15% of the country is fully vaccinated, over 51 million people! That’s huge, and now anyone can sign up for the vaccine. In fact, if you would like to do so, simply follow this link. At the moment, over 1,463,632 doses have been administered in Iowa.

Wearing a Mask (or Two)

Now, the worry is that a fourth wave of COVID-19 infections and deaths could occur as people drop precautions a little early. We are so close to a return to normal, but a fourth wave could delay that milestone. To keep yourself safe, always wear a mask when at the store or work, or anywhere indoors or around large groups of people. In fact, people have found that wearing two masks could provide even more layers of protection against catching the virus that causes COVID-19 or spreading it.

Social Distancing and Indoor Gatherings

You should still practice social distancing when possible! That mean saying at least three to six feet away from strangers when out and about, and avoiding large indoor gatherings or parties. Likewise, if you have family members who are immunocompromised or of poor health, visit with them on Zoom or give them a phone call to avoid spreading the virus. Remember, if you have been vaccinated, this means you are much less likely to get sick, but this doesn’t prevent you for spreading the disease to others.

Take Advantage of Our Bean Sale

If you prefer to stay indoors when possible and avoid large gatherings, then don’t forget that you can always brew your favorite Dunn Brothers beverage at home! You can buy a bag of your favorite beans, and right now we’re having a special in which you get a pound of beans half-off with every purchase of a one-pound bag. You can also order online to skip the line, and pick up your to-go orders at the drive thru. We also deliver through apps like GrubHub, DoorDash, Chomp, and Seamless. If you have any questions, then give us a call!

Stop by for Our Bean Sale!

Our team wants to offer you your favorite Dunn Brothers brews, and keep you safe too! For more information on our latest special offers and menu options, you can contact Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020.