Nothing Beats A Fresh Salad!

coralville saladsFast food is fun every now and then, but these meals can get old fast. After all, they’re super limited in variety, and often very unhealthy. But if you need a meal that energizes you and doesn’t weigh you down, then consider a fresh salad. In today’s blog, Dunn Brothers in Coralville, IA, looks at the salads we have on our full lunch menu!

A Refreshing and Healthy Lunch Option

Burgers and pizza are fun, but they tend to feel heavy and weigh you down. Instead of energizing you, your lunch could zap you and leave you dying for an afternoon nap. With a salad, you have a light, breezy option that gives you energy and is good for you! Each one is made when you order it, from fresh ingredients too. You could also pair them with one of summer drink selections, such as our FruiTeas (in Watermelon Strawberry and Dragon Fruit Berry), Red Bull Infusions (in Tootsie Roll, Wild Beach, and Berry Blast), or even our Iced Honey Matcha Latte! Don’t forget we always have lemonade and smoothies available all summer long too.

Our Selections

We have an amazing Almond Chicken House Salad, with chicken, fresh grapes, toasted almonds, Parmesan tomatoes, and dried berries on a bed of spring mix. You could also opt for our Chef Salad, which contains turkey, ham, bacon, a hard-boiled egg, cucumber slices, tomatoes, red onion shavings, and slices of cheddar and Swiss cheese. Each one will be served with our house-made croutons and your dressing choice! Finally, you can always choose a side salad to go with your meal. Each one contains tomatoes, spring mix, shaved red onion, cucumber, and Parmesan cheese.

Catering and Delivery

Our team maintains strict health and safety measures to protect our customers, so you can enjoy our dining room if you prefer. If you want to avoid being indoors due to the pandemic, then you can make and pick up your doer to-go at the drive thru. You can also save time by ordering online ahead of time. If you want your meal delivered, then remember to use the GrubHub, Doordash, Seamless, and Chomp apps, which can bring your Dunn Brothers favorites right to your front door. If you have a meeting or family gathering coming up, then remember that we can cater with selections from our full breakfast and lunch menu.

If you have any questions about our meal options, then stop in today and give it a try! We would love to see you.

Looking for Something Different for Lunch?

We have just what you need if you’re looking for a healthy and delicious meal! To learn more about our full breakfast and lunch menu, you can contact Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020.