What Are We Brewing Right Now? Part 2

coralville now brewingLast week, we took a look at where many of our flavors come from. This week, we’re going to continue this and look at more farms and countries where we ethically source our delicious slow-roasted beans. In today’s blog, find out exactly where your favorite coffee from your Dunn Brothers stores in Coralville and Cedar Rapids, IA, come from.

Costa Rica

We source our beans from the Las Lajas farm, which has been operated by the Chacon family for three generations! They employ a unique honey process to allow some of the fruity pulp to remain on the seeds while they sun dry. The pulp becomes a sweet honey, and adds new flavors to the beans. We have a light roast with berries, tart, and wine. The Tarrazu region is another part of the country where we collect our beans. Just south of San Jose, this region has a rich soil and mountain topography that creates the best coffee. You can try light roast with floral and chocolate hints, and a dark roast with cherry and chocolate hints from this region!


When you try our Congo coffee, this provides funds to the Changemaker Collection, a group that runs humanitarian efforts for Congolese refugees and millions of others around the world. We have a light roast with citrus and brown sugar.


From the Antigua region, which sits among three volcanoes, ash helps keep the soil moist and encourages plant growth in high-altitude farms. We have a medium option with caramel, citrus, and oak and a dark blend with spice, oak, and brown sugar.

Papua New Guinea

Our blends from Papua New Guinea are grown a mile above sea level by small sustenance farmers. These local gardens offer medium roasts with chocolate and caramel, and a dark one with chocolate and spices.


Our Peruvian beans come from two locations. We get a medium flavor from the Cajamarca region, grow on the CENFROCAFE co-ops that support over 2,000 farmers and their families, offering social services and more. We also have medium and dark roasts with hints of spices, berries, and chocolates.


Our Indonesian flavors come from Sumatra, and are grown on tiny plots on terraced clay plateaus. They grow without shade or the use of any chemicals. This gives them hints of oak, molasses, and spices.

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