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Coffee Roasting Is a Science

We are craftspeople who love working with the medium of coffee. We geek out about it constantly, which you’ll no-doubt have noticed if you’ve visited one of our stores. Why do we obsess over our beans? Because coffee is such a versatile beverage! Of course, many people enjoy coffee on a basic level. As long as it’s caffeinated and it gets you out of bed, that’s good enough. However, there’s also a complexity and an intricacy to the flavor of coffee. That’s our wheelhouse. While the origin of the bean — the climate, soil, humidity, variety — plays a huge role in the flavor profile of coffee, the roasting process is another area for experimentation. That’s why we have a San Franciscan roaster in store. We love mixing the art and science of coffee roasting. Continue reading Coffee Roasting Is a Science

How to Effectively Set Your Own Schedule

Whether you’re a freelancer working from home, or delicately managing the freetime that your salaried job presents, everyone needs to know how to set their own schedule. When you schedule well for yourself, you make the most of your time and feel good about your days. We’ve all had the moments of weakness — when you don’t wake up until 10 AM, you mill about stressing about the fact that you woke up so late, you check your phone for an hour, and suddenly any chance at productivity is out the window. All of those negative feelings can be circumvented by effectively setting your own schedule. Here are some tips on how to manage your time well so you can feel good about your day. Continue reading How to Effectively Set Your Own Schedule

How to Act Like a Morning Person (Even if You’re Not)

Ah, the great myth of the “morning person.” Okay, sure, some people probably do relish rising from the comfort of their beds before the sun has even breached the horizon. But why? You likely work alongside some of these people. The ones who have run three miles, completed a yoga practice, and done a full week’s worth of laundry before they even arrive at the office. These morning people. Where are they getting the energy? Are they faking it? In any case, they’re clearly getting a lot done with their day. So, how do you get a little piece of that productivity action for yourself? Here are some idea on how to act like a morning person, even if you’re not of the species. Continue reading How to Act Like a Morning Person (Even if You’re Not)

Why So Many Coffee Beans?

One question we often hear from newer coffee connoisseurs who are just beginning their deep dive into the world of coffee appreciation is, “Why do you guys have so many different coffee beans?” It’s true, we like to keep a wide variety of beans from different origins on hand. The main reason is for variety itself. Everyone has different tastes, and while anyone can enjoy coffee on a surface level, we want to be able to provide the specific experience you’re looking for. Coffee is our medium, so having plenty of bean variety is like a painter having a wide variety of paint colors on hand. Each one provides something different, and each bean’s flavor profile may be somebody’s favorite. Continue reading Why So Many Coffee Beans?

Catering Is Your Chance to Shine

Whenever you have to host or plan a meeting or event, your main focus is keeping everyone happy. In order to get your point across or persuade people to your cause, you need to keep your audience engaged. The greatest powerpoint in the world (complete with sound effects and a variety of slide transitions) won’t hold your meeting’s attention if the people in attendance are hungry or tired. This is where catering comes to your aid. When you host a training session or informational presentation, catering provides you with a chance to shine. Supplying your audience with delicious food and energizing libations is a surefire way to produce the best meeting possible.

Continue reading Catering Is Your Chance to Shine