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How Do You Create Through Slow Times?

Every creative knows the up and down cycle that accompanies their work. Whether it’s your own creativity or the regularity with which you’re getting work, slow times happen. Your employment may be seasonal, and your creativity can always take a dip based on the weather, your mood, or any other number of factors. During these slower times, how do you create? Every creative wants to be able to produce quality work, even when they’re not feeling inspired or busy. In today’s blog, we explore some ways to create through the slow times. Continue reading How Do You Create Through Slow Times?

New Featured Beans at Dunn Brothers Coffee

We like to keep things fresh — especially when it comes to our coffee — it’s kind of our thing. We use a San Franciscan Roaster in-store to roast our own beans because that’s part of the process, and we’re all about the process. Since we’re into the art of coffee, of course we love to try new varieties! A new season means new featured beans at Dunn Brothers Coffee. These delicious coffee beans come to us from Peru. Of course we have a wide range of bean flavors from a wide variety of origins, so you can find the perfect cup of coffee.

Our Featured Beans Come from the Cajamarca Region of Peru

Our Featured Peruvian beans have flavorful, chocolate notes that make them rich and satisfying. CENFROCAFE is a small cooperative we work with in the Cajamarca region. This collection of 220 small-scale farms supports over 2,000 farmers and family members with educational opportunities and health care. We are currently featuring both a medium and dark roast from this region. Fruit, spice, and berry notes underscore these chocolatey beans and give them a balanced flavor profile.

We Have Light Roast Options from Across Central and South America

If you’re looking for lighter roast options, we have a wide range of options from around Central and South America. Bazilian, Costa Rican, and Colombian bean varieties each bring something unique to the table. Smooth almond and chocolate notes are highlighted in the Brazilian roast. The Costa Rican features a characteristically tart, berry profile. Meanwhile, the well-rounded citrus, milk chocolate, and honey flavors in the Colombian beans spring to life with every sip.

Dunn Brothers Coffee Has Options for Medium and Dark Roasts as Well

If you prefer darker roasts, we have more options for those too. Beans originating from Guatemala, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea provide, deep, full flavors. The Antigua region of Guatemala is famous for its coffee production. Our medium roast from this area features caramel, citrus, and oak notes. Our Sumatra bean variety comes to us from an Indonesian island of terraced plateaus. Finally, our dark Papua New Guinea roast from the Western Highlands is characterized by deep dark chocolate, smoke, and spice notes.

If You’re a Coffee Lover, You’re Going to Love Dunn Brothers

We love coffee. It’s our favorite thing to create, serve, and talk about. If you love coffee too, you’ll fit right in at Dunn Brothers. You can learn more about our full selection of roasts and the inspiring stories behind their origins at the Dunn Brothers Coffee website. To learn more about catering at the Coralville, IA  location, contact Dunn Brothers Coffee at 319-665-2020.

Turn Your Event Into a Success Story with Catering

People like food. It’s a constant on par with death and taxes (but much more fun to think about). People’s love of food can lead them to do many things, and if you need to herd a large group of people (host an event), you can use this fact to your advantage. Providing people with food calms them down, grabs their attention, and puts you in control. Food is your opportunity to turn your next meeting or event into a success story. By choosing the right caterer, you can appease the masses as you pitch your idea, host your bridal shower, or sell your home. Yes, food has the power to move real estate. Continue reading Turn Your Event Into a Success Story with Catering

Where Do You Do Your Best Work?

When it comes to staying focused and inspired, your surroundings matter almost as much as the material on which you’re working. Whether you’re hosting a collaboration session, writing, or strategizing for the coming months, it’s important to have your spot. This is the place where you do your best work. Bright, open spaces are better for creative thought and energy. So, do you have a go-to workspace? What about a go-to event space? If you’re in the Coralville, IA area, Dunn Brothers Coffee can be this creative hub for you. We love helping people do their best work. Continue reading Where Do You Do Your Best Work?

Let’s Talk Goal Setting in 2019

How do you gameplan for the new year? Setting resolutions can be a helpful exercise, but only if you approach the activity from the right angle. Too often, we make resolutions that rely on us to adopt a behavior or avoid another for the entire year. Anything less is considered a breach of contract and gives us license to backslide into old behaviors. Instead of making a hard and fast resolution that you have to adhere to for the entire year, think about setting smaller, incremental goals for 2019. Check in with yourself monthly and decide if you’re on track. And of course, give yourself a break when you slip up! Continue reading Let’s Talk Goal Setting in 2019