Don’t Just Meet Up, Have an Event

We’ve all been stuck in a boring meeting before. Whether it’s the lack of a clear agenda, the subject matter, or the environment, it’s easy for a meeting to run off the rails. While you may not have control over the subject matter, you can control the meeting environment. Cramped spaces lacking natural light don’t lend themselves well to collaboration. You need an open environment that encourages and engages your meeting attendees. If you meet up in the same spaces, you’ll get the same results. It’s time to turn a boring meeting into an exciting event.

Open, Bright Spaces Are Better for Interpersonal Events

Studies have shown that cubicle work environments are actually better for individual productivity and efficiency. A lack of stimulation can allow you to focus on an immediate task. However, meetings are interpersonal events. The focus is engagement and interaction — not solitary work. That means you need an open, bright space for your next meeting. You want a workspace that encourages meeting attendees to share their thoughts and knowledge. A collaborative spirit is paramount of these events.

Treating Your Meeting Like an Event Adds Value

If you’re organizing a meeting, your attendees will treat it with the same importance that you do. If the planning that you put into the meeting says, “this is just another calendar item for everyone involved,” then that’s how the attendees will treat it! We’ve all attended meetings that we wish we could have skipped. Don’t let your meeting feel that way. Treating your meeting as an event, giving careful consideration to the details, this encourages the people at your meeting to lend their attention and focus.

Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville Is Your Event Space

When you want a bright, open space that allows your meeting to feel like an event, we’re ready to host! Dunn Brothers Coffee is all about creative collaboration — from the coffee we roast and brew, to the environment we create at our store. Learn about how you can host your next event at Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA by calling the store at 319-665-2020.