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Produce Your Best Work Using These 3 Easy Tips

Everyone wants to do good work. Whatever your passion is — that thing you do for free, that you chase in the wee hours of the morning — you want to give it your all. Being productive is something that creatives talk about a lot, but actually producing is another story. You’re a smart, talented person, so when you’re able to be productive, the work is going to be great. However, sometimes getting to that productive place can be a challenge. Is there a scientific way to “be productive?” With anything creative, it’s a mix of art and science, but here are 3 tips to help you produce your best work. Continue reading Produce Your Best Work Using These 3 Easy Tips

What Makes A Space Feel Collaborative?

Everyone knows the value that teamwork can have. When you’re able to work alongside peers and friends you’re able to exchange ideas and improve them together. In the digital age, everyone is seeking for more ways to collaborate. You may have the intention to collaborate, but you need an environment to match. Finding or creating the ideal workspace for a team encourages everyone to exchange ideas. You’ll get the most out of meetings, brainstorming, and work sessions when you have the right work environment. So what is it that makes a space feel collaborative? Continue reading What Makes A Space Feel Collaborative?

Why Do People Get “Hangry” When They Don’t Eat?

Everyone has been in this position before: You missed breakfast and then waited too long to take lunch, or a big project kept you busy, and now you’re on hour 10 without food. This is not an intentional intermittent fast. This is an oversight, and it’s costing you. You get irritable, irrational, and downright unpleasant. You’re “hangry.” You’ve experienced this sensation before, but why does it actually happen? What’s the source of hanger, and what can you do to prevent yourself from ending up in that state? Continue reading Why Do People Get “Hangry” When They Don’t Eat?

What Does Coffee Bean Roasting Actually Do?

Depending on your level of involvement in your coffee, you may know more or less about the whole process. You may also care more or less about what goes into your coffee. For some, coffee is just a means to an end, a way to get through the day. We are coffee nerds, so we take a little more interest in the process. (Okay, a lot more interest.) One of the areas that most fascinates us is the roasting process. We have our own San Franciscan roaster in store so that we can roast our own coffee daily. But what does coffee bean roasting actually do? Let’s get into it. Continue reading What Does Coffee Bean Roasting Actually Do?

4 Ways To Get Out Of Your Own Way Creatively

For almost everyone, it is a faucet that turns on and off at random. If only you could harness that creativity and wield it effectively. The ephemeral nature of creative inspiration is part of what makes it so exceptional. You may never have total control over your creative process, but there are ways that you can help yourself get past roadblocks when they come up. Not defeating your own creativity is just as important as trying to nurture it. So here are 4 ways to get out of your own way creatively. Continue reading 4 Ways To Get Out Of Your Own Way Creatively