4 Ways To Get Out Of Your Own Way Creatively

For almost everyone, it is a faucet that turns on and off at random. If only you could harness that creativity and wield it effectively. The ephemeral nature of creative inspiration is part of what makes it so exceptional. You may never have total control over your creative process, but there are ways that you can help yourself get past roadblocks when they come up. Not defeating your own creativity is just as important as trying to nurture it. So here are 4 ways to get out of your own way creatively.

1. Go With the Creative Flow

Having a singular creative project that takes all of your extra time is tough. When you don’t feel like working on that one thing, you can get stuck pretty easily. That’s why it’s important to go with the flow. Is there another aspect of your project that you’d rather work on? Is there another idea altogether you’d like to give some energy to? Allow yourself to go with the creative flow and you’ll be happier with your results.

2. Make Yourself Work Until You Want to Work

Too often we give ourselves a pass when we don’t feel creatively motivated. You may have only a spare amount of time each day or week to put toward whatever creative pursuit you’re chasing. That means you don’t have the option to work only when you feel like it. Develop the discipline to make yourself work on your project — or at least something — until you actually feel like working.

3. If Your Routine Isn’t Working, Get Out of Your Routine

A change of venue can do so much for your creativity. That applies to creative work that you’re doing, as well as the rest of your life. If you take the same route home from work every day, try a new path. Explore what that does to your cognitive thought. If you always work in the same space, take your project to a new location.

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