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Roasting Coffee Causes a Chemical Change

If you’re a coffee lover, you’re probably curious about this fantastic beverage. How is coffee made? What gives each brew its distinctive flavor? Is there a way to control these factors? The main process that takes coffee from a piece of produce to identifiable brown bean is roasting. Roasting raw coffee causes a chemical change that develops the signature flavors that you identify as being distinctly coffee-y. Much of coffee’s specific flavor is inherent to the bean based on variety and growing conditions. However, controlling parameters like relative humidity, moisture, temperature, and roast time can give each roast a unique spin. That’s what we do at Dunn Brothers Coffee. Continue reading Roasting Coffee Causes a Chemical Change

How Do You Choose a Work Environment?

The environment around you can influence how efficiently you work and how inspired you feel. You’re not always lucky enough to be able to choose your work environment, but when you are, what sort of environment do you gravitate towards? Well, it probably depends on what you’re trying to accomplish and your personality type. Some people like to have the buzz of a social setting around them to help them focus on a project. For others, a quiet space is a must. Whether you’re collaborating or working alone, choosing the right work environment for yourself is key. Continue reading How Do You Choose a Work Environment?

How to Plan Effectively for Holiday Vacation

The holidays are almost here, which is an exciting time for many people! It may involve a trip home to see friends and family, or at the very least, a little well-earned time off. That being said, planning for this vacation time can be stressful. There’s the actual planning of any traveling or events that you have to do, but you also have to account for your work schedule. You don’t want to spend your entire vacation thinking about work stuff, so go into this season of merriment with a plan. Here’s how to plan effectively for holiday vacation. Continue reading How to Plan Effectively for Holiday Vacation

Fresh Ingredients and Preparation Matter

The way you refuel at lunchtime can have a marked impact on how you experience the rest of your day. You know this already. If you’ve ever eaten a large, heavy lunch, you’ll find it much more difficult to stay active and alert throughout the rest of your work day. Go with a fast-burning food option or no lunch at all and you’ll experience a crash or find that your hunger distracts you from your work. When it comes to selecting a lunch, what you eat matters. Furthermore, fresh ingredients and preparation matter. Continue reading Fresh Ingredients and Preparation Matter