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What Do You Love About Coffee?

For us, coffee is the drink we serve, but it’s also much more. Coffee is a communal beverage, and it acts as a canvas for our artists. People can enjoy coffee in any number of ways, and that’s another aspect that makes the beverage so special. We treat every cup of coffee that we brew with care and reverence. It’s our artistic statement. That’s why we roast our own coffee beans in-house every day. We want to make sure you have a cup of coffee that is truly fresh. When you take that first sip of a great cup of coffee, it can change your whole day. That’s what we love about coffee. Continue reading What Do You Love About Coffee?

Battling the Seasonal Slowdown in Productivity

The holiday season is awesome, because it means taking time to visit friends and family and appreciate everything you’ve experienced this year. While this is a treasured, sentimental time, the holiday season brings with it the actual season of winter. The picturesque backdrop of snow makes for a pretty aesthetic, but it also presents some problems. Most people tend to slow down during this time of year. It’s easy to spend an extra 15 minutes in bed and to curl up on the couch rather than work on your passion project. So, how can you battle the seasonal slowdown in productivity? Continue reading Battling the Seasonal Slowdown in Productivity

Make Sure Your Catering Provider Has Options

When you plan a meeting or event, you’ve got a lot on your plate (pun very much intended). One of the biggest questions you have to answer is, “Will I be serving food?” If the answer to this question is “yes,” the event is almost certain to better than it otherwise would have. People love food! However, adding the element of catering to your event raises its own set of questions. Do any of the event attendees have dietary restrictions? What does this group of people enjoy eating? You don’t need to add any more stress or hassle to event planning. If you make sure your catering provider has plenty of options, you’ll save yourself time and hassle. Continue reading Make Sure Your Catering Provider Has Options

Don’t Just Meet Up, Have an Event

We’ve all been stuck in a boring meeting before. Whether it’s the lack of a clear agenda, the subject matter, or the environment, it’s easy for a meeting to run off the rails. While you may not have control over the subject matter, you can control the meeting environment. Cramped spaces lacking natural light don’t lend themselves well to collaboration. You need an open environment that encourages and engages your meeting attendees. If you meet up in the same spaces, you’ll get the same results. It’s time to turn a boring meeting into an exciting event. Continue reading Don’t Just Meet Up, Have an Event