Monthly Archives: September 2020

We Got Naan Pizzas

naan pizzaLooking for something different for lunch, something besides the usual fast-food options? Well, we have delicious Naan Pizzas made with fresh ingredients! In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about our pizzas and our other popular lunch options. We’re also going to cover our delivery and catering options too! If you need a lunch that tastes great and isn’t soaked in grease, we got you covered.

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Give Yourself A Moment Of Calm

moment of calmDo you feel a bit stressed lately, perhaps way more than usual? That is understandable, we’re still dealing with a pandemic, and for many people routine activities such as work and school have been seriously interrupted or altered completely. With this extra anxiety, comes a poor quality of a life and even negative impacts on our health. To help manage your stress, you should start by finding ways to give yourself a little moment of calm!

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