Stock Up On Coffee!

bag of coffee beansYou know what helps get many of us through the day? A delicious cup of coffee! We offer bags of fresh slow-roasted beans that you can brew from home, or at the office or teacher’s lounge. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at our featured flavors from Peru, which can provide you the flavorful kick you need to get through the work day!

Fresh Beans

You can stop by our store anytime and pick up a bag of fresh beans! We have flavors from around the globe, including Costa Rica, Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, Colombia, Brazil, Sumatra, and the Congo. We’re also currently featuring flavors from Peru! You can bring them home, or take them to work, to enjoy your favorite unique Dunn Brothers flavors any time you like.

Featured Flavors From Peru

We have medium and dark roasts from the Cajamarca region of Peru! The medium roast is a blend that contains hints of chocolate, spices, and berries. The dark roast blend contains hints of oak, fruit, and dark chocolate. They come from CENFROCAFE, a co-op of 220 small farms in Cajamarca. This co-op supports 2,000 farmers and their families, providing them with education, healthcare, and other vital social services. When you pick up a bag, you not only enjoy delicious flavors, but you also support families!

Stop By (Or We Can Cater)

You can stop by anytime! Our drive thru and to-go options are still available if you prefer to social distance, and you can also stop in our dining room to order, and enjoy your coffee on our patio. If you want to skip the line completely, then you can order online. Don’t forget, we deliver through apps like Grubhub, DoorDash, Chomp, and Seamless. We also cater! We can provide the breakfast or lunch at your next meeting or get-together. So, if whether you want a cup of coffee, or your favorite blended frappe or cold brew, we got you covered, and we can provide your order in any way that makes you comfortable, whether delivery or drive-thru. We care about your health and your peace of mind, so our team members will be wearing masks too! If you have any questions about our services, or if you just want more information about our fresh bags of beans, then feel free to stop in or give us a call. We look forward to seeing you!

Do You Need to Stock Up?

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent homeschooling, you need plenty of coffee on hand to get through these crazy days! For more information about our fresh bags of beans, you can contact Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020. You can stop by and visiting our dining room or patio seven-days-a-week for your favorite flavors.