Monthly Archives: September 2019

What’s the One Thing You Have to Get Done Today?

If you’re a creative or a self starter, you have to set your own standards for success and productivity. You may set those standards based on the work of others, or you may create expectations for yourself. If you think you’re capable and talented, it can be easy for those expectations to become inflated. This can lead to you overreaching with the scope of your work and then becoming frustrated when you don’t hit certain marks. Instead of making a huge to-do list for the day, focus on one thing. What is the one thing you absolutely have to get done today? Continue reading What’s the One Thing You Have to Get Done Today?

Sandwiches Are the Perfect Catering Option

Choosing catering for an event can be stressful. It feels like it should be an easy, fun decision. However, when you have to account for the taste and needs for a huge group of people (often a group of strangers), it can get a little overwhelming. How do you know what kind of food to choose and which vendor you can trust? Sandwiches are the answer. Sandwiches are actually the perfect catering choice. From the variety of options, to the convenience, to the ease of accommodation, sandwiches make your catering selections easy! Continue reading Sandwiches Are the Perfect Catering Option

Time for a Goal-Setting Check In

One of the most important, and yet, most-overlooked components of goal setting is evaluation. You set a goal, you push to achieve it, you do or don’t achieve it, and then you set the next goal. If that’s your system, you’re missing a huge opportunity. It’s important to evaluate your own process from time to time. If you don’t, you may miss out on key signs that will point you in the right direction. It’s time for a goal setting check in. Let’s make sure that your system for setting and achieving goals is actually working for you. Continue reading Time for a Goal-Setting Check In

What’s Your Ideal Coffee Flavor Profile?

Developing and learning your own personal preferences is an important step on the road to fandom. If you’re a recent graduate into the world of delicious, freshly roasted coffee, you may be discovering things about your own preferences for this brewed beverage. Good coffee is complex and comes in many different roast styles and flavor profiles. Finding the ones you like the best is all part of the fun. What you prefer may even be a matter of situational taste. Discovering these preferences involves a lot of delicious sampling. In this week’s blog, we cover some of coffee’s major flavor profiles. Continue reading What’s Your Ideal Coffee Flavor Profile?