Changing Workspaces Prompts a Mental Change

Habits and routines have supreme value for everyone. A habit lends itself to predictability, and a routine ensures that you can manage your time efficiently. However, when you work in a creative field, or you’re trying to develop a new idea, habits and routines can suddenly seem stagnating. If you feel caught in your normal way of thinking and doing things, you may not be able to channel your creative energy. This is when you need to change up your workspace. It’s more than just a placebo effect — changing your workspace can prompt a mental change as well.

A New Environment Comes with New Mental Stimuli

When your surroundings start to become familiar, they lose a little bit of their luster. The home office space you once loved now feels like any other boring desk. That’s because you’re becoming numb to the stimuli around you. This can be beneficial for weeding out distractions, but it can also cause you to feel stuck. When you change your workspace, you introduce new environmental stimuli that force your brain to start actively paying attention. This change in energy can be just the spark you need to get cracking on your endeavor.

Doing Things the Same Way Leads to the Same Results

It’s easy to get trapped in the comfort of “the way we’ve always done things.” You can see this problem all around you in large, slow-moving institutions. New ideas typically come from a new way of thinking, or a new approach to previous problems. When you want to think creatively about a problem, changing your workspace can prompt a change in approach. Of course, having a typical work routine is helpful for day-to-day tasks, but when you need to think creatively about a project or problem, you should consider switching things up.

It’s All About Finding Ways to Work Out of Creative Blocks

Of course, simply wandering off to a new place may not solve all of your creative woes, but it’s one technique that you can use to try to prompt a change in mentality. Whether it’s through scheduling, workspace, the people you surround yourself with, or even the food you eat that morning — you just want to have ways to work around creative blocks. Unfortunately, feeling stuck will always be a part of the creative process. When you have a backup plan, it helps you spend more time working and less time in frustration.

Dunn Brothers Coffee Is a Fresh Workspace

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