Why We Roast Our Coffee in Small Batches

Everyone needs an outlet for artistic expression. For us, that outlet is coffee. Coffee is how we demonstrate our artistry and passion. That’s why we use San Franciscan Roasters to roast our own beans. It’s also part of why we roast our coffee in small batches. The roasting process takes time and precision. Roasting in larger batches is certainly more efficient, but that’s not really what we’re after. We treat coffee roasting as an artform, just like the rest of the coffee drinking experience. Here’s why we prefer to roast our coffee in small batches.

Roasting Coffee Beans in Small Batches Ensures a Fresher Product for You

The main reason we like to roast our beans in small batches is so that you always enjoy a fresh coffee experience at Dunn Brothers Coffee. By roasting in small batches, we can ensure that no coffee is made with beans over five days old. The longer that roasted beans sit idle, the more flavor they lose. You deserve a rich, flavorful coffee experience, and we refuse to deliver anything less to you. When we roast in small batches, we can control the specifications and deliver a brew that lives up to our staff’s rigorous standards.

Small-Batch Roasting Gives Us More Opportunity to Experiment and Fine Tune

Freshness is key for us, but small-batch roasting actually provides us with additional opportunities. Our coffee roasters complete the Dunn Brothers Coffee Certified Roaster Program to ensure they are masters of their craft. That’s when the artistry comes into play. By making slight tweaks to the time, temperature, and humidity, we can create subtle differences in the flavor of the coffee that we roast. Experimenting in these subtle ways is how our roasters practice our craft and express themselves creatively.

We Think Your Experience at Dunn Brothers Should Be Unique

Part of artistry and appreciating art is experiencing something fresh and new. While we have our preferred techniques and specifications for roasting, the truth is, there are small degrees of variance in every batch of roasted beans. We celebrate those differences at Dunn Brothers. We want you to enjoy a unique coffee drinking experience when you give us a visit. It’s the same reason that we take such care with our handmade lattes and coffee drinks: we want you to sip on a delicious beverage that was made specifically for you.

Experience Small-Batch Roasting at Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville

Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville is your home for uniquely crafted brews. Our fresh coffee beans come from a wide variety of origins, so you can always find a flavor profile to match your sensibility. Experience the selection of coffee that Dunn Brothers has to offer by visiting the Coralville, IA store or calling at 319-665-2020.