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Does Cold Brew Give Me the Max Caffeine?

For many people, caffeine is an absolute necessity to get through the day. It’s a productivity enhancer that comes in handy when you need a little extra boost during the day. It can fuel a late-night project marathon when you’ve got to make a deadline. When caffeine is a must, most people turn to coffee. If you’re one of those people, you may be wondering, how do I maximize the caffeine return on my beverage? Cold brew has long been thought of as a super-caffeinated rendition of coffee. But is that really the case? Does cold brew really have more caffeine than a traditionally brewed cup of joe? Continue reading Does Cold Brew Give Me the Max Caffeine?

What Can The Right Work Environment Do For You?

When it comes to building a happy and healthy work culture, your environment is everything. Those who work from home know just how important your work environment is. The right mood can do wonders for your creativity. The wrong vibe can box you in and make you feel like you’re carrying a load. Finding the proper balance in a work environment can be tough, and everyone’s needs are a little different. A relaxed atmosphere makes it easy to concentrate and doesn’t add stress. However, a little bit of energy in the environment helps keep you motivated and on task. If you’re struggling creatively, maybe it’s time to find the right work environment. Continue reading What Can The Right Work Environment Do For You?

Make The Most Of Your Creative Opportunities

Every creative faces the challenge of time management. If you’re pursuing your creative outlet full time, it’s a matter of balancing your schedule. If you find time for your creative venture when you can, you want to make the most of the time you have. No one is immune to creative blocks. When you have to scrap to find time to chase your passion, you don’t want to waste any of it. How can you effectively make the most of your creative opportunities? Productivity is all about flexibility. Continue reading Make The Most Of Your Creative Opportunities

How to Get Catering Right

When you need to feed a crowd of people, you have to bring in the pros. That’s right. You’re not staying up all night preparing your own treats, you’re turning to professional caterers. Catering has many advantages. If you’re supplying a meeting or training with food, selecting the right catering provider can help you wrangle your audience, and produce a productive gathering. Getting catering right is crucial as a planner. Here’s how to find the right catering fit for your next big event. Continue reading How to Get Catering Right