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What Is Cold Brew Exactly?

For many people, cold brew is a secret weapon. It’s an ultra-strong version of coffee that they can use to focus and increase their productivity. But what makes cold brew different? Cold brew is actually just what it sounds like. It’s coffee that is brewed cold — without heat. This process difference can affect the flavor profile, and obviously the experience of drinking the coffee, but does it have more caffeine? Where does cold brew come from and why are people so obsessed with it? In today’s blog, we cover some of the basic ins and outs of this popular drink. Continue reading What Is Cold Brew Exactly?

How to Stay Mindful Throughout Your Day

People have many different perceptions of the word “mindfulness.” For some, it’s an approach, for others, it’s a lifestyle. Some people feel something spiritual when they think of mindfulness. Everyone’s experience with this concept can differ, but in a very practical sense, mindfulness allows you to be more present throughout your daily life. How many times do you become distracted by your phone or a pending to-do list in your head? Staying mindful throughout your day keeps you in the moment and allows you to think more clearly. It’s time to stop and smell the roses. Continue reading How to Stay Mindful Throughout Your Day

How Do You Frame Your Work?

No, this blog is not specifically for painters or photographers. The way any person frames their work can have a dramatic impact on how satisfied they are with the job they’re doing. Sometimes, you may feel bored and unfulfilled by your job or a particular project, but those negative feelings may be corrected with a little reframing. When you understand the context in which you do your job — or anything at all — you may find added meaning that you didn’t know was there. Here is a quick guide to framing that can help you feel good about the work that you do. Continue reading How Do You Frame Your Work?

The Benefits of Hosting a Community Engagement Event

If you’re a small organization that’s looking to make a big impact, then engaging with your community is a valuable exercise. You have to rely on personal connections to help extend your mission to others. Hosting community engagement events is a great way to get your name out there and help people put a face with your organization. You never know what kind of opportunity or impact may come out of one of these kinds of events. Doing something small could help someone within your community and share your message. Continue reading The Benefits of Hosting a Community Engagement Event

Try the Holiday Roast at Dunn Brothers Coffee

Working with small farms to source our coffee creates a better experience for everyone involved. We’re able to help build communities and develop relationships with our growers. It also means that we can bring unique bean flavors to Dunn Brothers Coffee on a regular basis. This winter, we’ve got a delicious holiday roast that is bright and cheery. The beans that come from Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea and roasted medium to create a festive flavor profile that you are absolutely going to love. Come taste what we’re roasting fresh at Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville. Continue reading Try the Holiday Roast at Dunn Brothers Coffee