Monthly Archives: July 2020

Support Your Community And Shop Local

shop local eventWe’re proud to be taking part in a unique program organized by Project Better Together. The pandemic means many small businesses in our community and others in the area lost significant business. Some have closed doors, while others are trying hard to continue staying open. With the Holding Our Own Shop Local program, we’re joining others in encouraging people in our community to shop local and support the small businesses in their community!

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How Do You Stay Positive During A Pandemic?

staying positiveFor most of us, the pandemic is far from over. Many people in our community have been furloughed, and are still trying to find out the best way to navigate the pandemic. Others are trying to find the best ways to keep themselves safe from COVID-19 while returning to work or school. However, we also have to look after our own mental wellbeing. But how do you stay positive during a pandemic? We have a few ideas!

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Tips For A Successful Home Office

home office spaceWhile some states are seeing a major drop in cases, others are seeing sudden rises, so working from home will be the norm for the foreseeable future for many of us. Which means you need a place to work, one that feels like your office and helps better focus on tasks at hand. In today’s blog, our team is looking at how to create and maintain an optimal home office!

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We Can Help You Skip The Line

ordering food onlineWhen you need to grab something to eat, you probably don’t look forward to standing around in a line, or fighting lunchtime traffic. However, we can help you skip the line seven-days-a-week with online ordering! In today’s blog, we’re going to explain how easy ordering online is, and look at other popular options for picking up and enjoying your Dunn Brothers favorites!

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The Key To Staying Productive At Home

working from homeStudies show that despite what many assume, people working from home on average put in more hours than people in an office. Which means for many people across the country still working from home, stress is a common issue, and despite working more, productivity still suffers. In today’s blog, we have a few tips for improving productivity with mindfulness, giving yourself a chance to rest and take time for yourself.

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