Setting Up a Home Office Space

As measures are being taken to protect public health, many people are starting to work from home. If you’re a long-time work-from-home person, this might be no sweat. If you’re new to the whole home office thing, it can present both advantages and challenges. Avoiding a commute and setting your own schedule are great, but how do you make sure that you actually get stuff done during the day? Setting up a home office space is key. You can do this effectively in many cases by repurposing furniture and space that you already have.

Try to Compartmentalize Your Home Office Space

Depending on your living situation, setting up your home office may be more or less challenging. If you live in a three-bedroom house with your spouse, you have plenty of space to work with. You may already have an office space set up. If you’re in a studio apartment, getting the home office setup right can be tough. You want to compartmentalize the space as best you can to distinguish between when you are “at work” versus when you are “at home.” It can create a strange feeling if you get done working for the day, take three steps to your right, and you’re suddenly home for the day. Try to move the work space away from the living space, or use dividers if it helps to partition the space.

Set Up Your Home Office for What You Need

You may be in your home office space temporarily, or more likely, this will be your setup for a while. You want to make sure that you have the essentials. If your job is mostly data entry, you may be okay with a small desk and your computer. If you’re a designer, you may need multiple screens. If you’re responsible for planning or visualizing as part of your job, you may need the counter space to lay out physical documents. You may also want a wall calendar for reference. Take a little time to determine what you need.

Consider the Ambiance of Your Home Office

You want to start building your home office space with a pragmatic approach. Focus on carving out some dedicated space and filling it with what you need to do your job. Before your home office is complete though, consider the ambiance of the space. If this is going to be a long-term solution, you want it to be comfortable. Is there natural light in the space you chose? Is there artwork on the walls? Would those things help you? Don’t be afraid to make the space your own.

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