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Catered Meal Ideas that Won’t Cause Food Comas

Everyone enjoys going all out at a meal from time to time. Gorging on something particularly enticing and entering a “food coma” state is just too appetizing to pass up. Maybe it’s pizza, wings, Halal food — whatever gets you excited to chow down. This can be a fun experience with friends, but it’s not exactly what you’re looking for when you cater an event. Social and business functions — like meetings, presentations, and receptions — aren’t primarily centered around eating. There’s usually still an agenda you need to tend to beyond the meeting. So, to prevent your productivity from cratering, here are some catered meal ideas that won’t cause food comas. Continue reading Catered Meal Ideas that Won’t Cause Food Comas

Helpful Tips for Creating Your Home Office

Whether you’re a full-time freelancer, or you happen to have some flex hours built into your schedule, you may have the pleasure (or potential pitfall) of working from home. Of course the idea of working from home sounds wonderful. It means a more flexible schedule and the ability to tend to pets, kids, and any errands you may need to do. However, without the right level of discipline or planning, working from home can go awry. You still need to put in the amount of time and focus that you would in the office. Here are some helpful tips for those that work from home. Continue reading Helpful Tips for Creating Your Home Office

Getting Ready for Iced Coffee Season

The warmer weather is a welcome sight for so many reasons. Spring brings life and greenery with it. It’s time for afternoons outdoors and casual dining on patios. Perhaps most crucially, (well, certainly for us at Dunn Brothers Coffee), warmer weather means iced coffee season! Iced coffee is like Gatorade for creatives. This is the fuel that keeps us doing what we do for longer. Slowly sipping an iced coffee for hours while you plug away on a design project or dig into a novel — it sounds like the perfect afternoon. In today’s blog, we help you get ready for iced coffee season. Continue reading Getting Ready for Iced Coffee Season

Changing Workspaces Prompts a Mental Change

Habits and routines have supreme value for everyone. A habit lends itself to predictability, and a routine ensures that you can manage your time efficiently. However, when you work in a creative field, or you’re trying to develop a new idea, habits and routines can suddenly seem stagnating. If you feel caught in your normal way of thinking and doing things, you may not be able to channel your creative energy. This is when you need to change up your workspace. It’s more than just a placebo effect — changing your workspace can prompt a mental change as well. Continue reading Changing Workspaces Prompts a Mental Change