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How Much Free Time Is in Your Schedule?

If you’re a planner, you probably gravitate toward a rigid schedule. You like to have all of your time budgeted out to make the most out of your day. This is an efficient way to ensure that you complete all of the tasks that need to get done, but it can also cramp your creative flow. While an objective oriented schedule helps, you still need some free time to give yourself a break. Find time to read, go on a walk, or people watch. Budgeting for objective-free time throughout your day can prompt a mental change and help you reset before conquering your next task. Continue reading How Much Free Time Is in Your Schedule?

How to Host Your Best Event Yet

Event hosting is a big responsibility, and it involves answering a lot of questions. If you’re in charge of a meeting, event, or strategy session, it can create some stress. It’s important to find a good venue for your event. The right event venue can help you answer your questions and get you ready to enjoy the event itself. Do you need food at this event? What kind of seating arrangement will work for the event? What’s on the event agenda? Knowing the answers to these questions helps you get organized and prepare for the best event possible. Continue reading How to Host Your Best Event Yet

Have You Tried the Dunn Brothers Sandwich Menu?

Are sandwiches the most perfect food item ever created? They’re handy, complex in flavor and texture, and they can be light or satisfying. You can find sandwiches in almost any genre to satisfy your particular craving, so they’re always a great option for your personal lunch, or for feeding a crowd. At Dunn Brothers Coffee, we love a great coffee roast, but we understand that one cannot live on coffee alone! That’s why we have a delicious sandwich menu as well, loaded with diverse options on fresh bread. If you haven’t tried the Dunn Brothers sandwich menu yet, now is the time. Continue reading Have You Tried the Dunn Brothers Sandwich Menu?

Have You Tried Physical Organization Guides?

The world around us is getting increasingly digital, which makes it easier to share media and schedules in an instant. You can carry your whole agenda with you on the go and create your best work from anywhere. While digital organization can be effective and convenient, there’s still value in physical organization tools and guides. Having something to hold onto or to move physically can help you better visualize the task on which you’re working. If you’re someone who struggles to stay on task and organized in the moment, consider trying some of these physical organization guides. Continue reading Have You Tried Physical Organization Guides?