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Your Friendly Neighborhood Espresso Guide

We love to geek out about coffee. Finding new bean and roast combinations isn’t a hobby for us, it’s a passion project. There’s so much attention to detail that goes into your coffee before it’s even brewed. However, after it’s brewed, you still have so many options, especially when it comes to espresso! Do you want to drink your espresso black? Are you interested in a latte? How about a cortado? Does a macchiato always come with caramel in it? If a fear of the unknown has always kept you from trying a new coffee beverage, or if you’ve always had a cappuccino, but never known why you found it so tantalizing, you’re in the right place! This is your friendly neighborhood espresso guide to help you identify the right drink for you. Continue reading Your Friendly Neighborhood Espresso Guide

How to Develop a Successful Morning Routine

As any creative person (or any person for that matter) knows, a morning can make or break your whole day. The morning is when you greet your agenda and dictate how you’re going to attack your to-do list. The problem for many people, however, is that how they wake up isn’t a guarantee. Some days you may feel great. Others, you’re running on 4.5 hours of sleep and you’d consider letting the rest of your life fall into disarray for another 20 minutes in bed. A routine can help you start the day, even if your mood and energy level isn’t quite there. The key is consistency. Establishing the way you wake up and get ready for your day and practicing your routine consistently will help you keep a consistent frame of mind. It’s time to develop your successful morning routine. Continue reading How to Develop a Successful Morning Routine

Productivity Tip: Shake Up Your Meeting Space

Routines have their benefit. Routines provide consistency and create comfort so that you know what to expect. However, in the wrong context, routines can create lethargy and creative blocks. If you always think the same way, or in the same space, you’re bound to get the same results. Maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe you’re looking for a little spark. When you meet to collaborate as a group, you want to do everything you can to help the creative juices flow. If you’re always gathering in the same conference room, it can start to feel routine. When you shake up your meeting space instead, it can really do a number for productivity and creativity. Your brain is a muscle, and it needs to be stimulated by new experience in order to get stronger. Continue reading Productivity Tip: Shake Up Your Meeting Space

Your Morning Is More than Just Coffee

The phrase “… until I’ve had my morning coffee” has become almost a cliche. Everyone has a morning routine of their own, and many of them include coffee. (We love coffee, so of course, no morning would be complete without it.) However, mornings are about more than just coffee. When you wake up in the morning, you’re setting yourself up for the rest of the day. A good morning routine gets you in gear and ready to take on your list of agenda items. You need time to yourself, and food to fuel your morning if you’re going to keep going strong throughout the day. Luckily, we feel about breakfast food the way we feel about coffee. Continue reading Your Morning Is More than Just Coffee