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Choose a Great Caterer with These Criteria

Catering is often one of the first line items in the budget for any big event, and it makes sense. Catering is typically a significant cost, and getting the food and drinks right for an event is important. People like food! Choosing the right caterer can turn your event into a success on its own. Bad catering can really put a damper on the affair. So, how do you choose the right catering option for your event? Choose a great caterer with these criteria, and then sit back and relax (and do the rest of your event planning). Continue reading Choose a Great Caterer with These Criteria

Where Can You Add Mindfulness to Your Day?

We all aspire to be these zen-like yoga people all day, and for some, it’s a possibility. However, most of us are always seeking to find balance throughout our days. One of the best ways that you can declutter your brain and relieve stress throughout your day is by practicing mindfulness. Again, this is a classic yogic phrase that always seems to be slipping out of reach. Mindfulness may not be something that you can always achieve, but adding little sprinkles of it throughout your day can help keep you engaged and lift your spirits. Here’s a handy guide. Continue reading Where Can You Add Mindfulness to Your Day?

Stay Organized to Increase Productivity

Everyone has a different preference for how they organize their workflow. You can find a study that points to the validity of any kind of organizational structure. We’ve all heard that geniuses tend to be messy. However, generally speaking, organization can help increase your productivity. You can still work in a chaotic environment if that’s best for you, but organizing the chaos will help. Having a consistent organization to your work environment and your workflow can keep you on task and help you meet deadlines. Here are some steps that you can take. Continue reading Stay Organized to Increase Productivity

Finding Coffee in Your Coralville Community

We make no secret about the fact that we’re coffee nerds. We love everything about these beautiful beans — the roasting process, brewing, and even adding in little bits of personality along the way. Coffee is a medium of expression for us at Dunn Brothers Coffee. Dunn Brothers stores are locally owned coffee shops with a common philosophy, and we’re no different in Coralville. We want to provide you with fresh, delicious coffee, and a place to enjoy your beverage. We serve the Coralville community, and we’re proud to do so! Continue reading Finding Coffee in Your Coralville Community

Let’s Talk About Vacation Scheduling

Summer is almost here, and it’s time to prepare for this fun season of grill outs, pool days, and vacations! Summer vacation can be your chance to experience something new or truly relax for a few days. Planning your vacation is all about doing what’s best for you. After you make your plans for your summer vacation, you have to set up your scheduling around your vacation. You need to make sure that work projects are taken care of, and that your travel schedule is in order so that the process of going on vacation doesn’t just stress you out. Continue reading Let’s Talk About Vacation Scheduling