Where Can You Add Mindfulness to Your Day?

We all aspire to be these zen-like yoga people all day, and for some, it’s a possibility. However, most of us are always seeking to find balance throughout our days. One of the best ways that you can declutter your brain and relieve stress throughout your day is by practicing mindfulness. Again, this is a classic yogic phrase that always seems to be slipping out of reach. Mindfulness may not be something that you can always achieve, but adding little sprinkles of it throughout your day can help keep you engaged and lift your spirits. Here’s a handy guide.

Think About the Things You Do for Routine’s Sake and Start There

There are plenty of agenda items that you check off during your day without even thinking about them. They are part of your routine. Routines can be helpful because they keep you on track and add consistency to your life. However, routines also allow you to check out mentally. While not everything in your life needs to command your full attention, you may be surprised by what adding a little mindfulness to your routine can do. Brushing your teeth, driving to work, packing your lunch — these are simple steps throughout your day, but when you actively think about what you’re doing, while you’re doing it, you may be surprised by what you notice.

Make Room for Mindfulness at Work

In an effort to stay productive, sometimes you can put blinders on during the work day. You may feel like this is keeping you focused, but it can actually hurt at times. Every 30 minutes during your work day, take a moment to think about your posture. How are you sitting? How are you breathing? If you’re slouching and holding your breath as you work, these things can affect your mood. Give yourself a moment to stretch, get up from your desk, and take some deep breaths. You may be surprised by how much this can color your experience at work.

Go for a Walk, Without an Agenda

Going for a little stroll during your day can help you get your blood flowing and mentally reset between activities. It also presents a good opportunity to think abou problems, things you need to do, household tasks. If you get too mentally bogged down during your walk, it may actually cause you to become stressed out. Try taking at least one brief walk during your day during which you have no agenda. Live in the moment and notice the things around you on your walk as they’re happening. Mentally engaging helps you stay focused and brightens your mood.

Experience Mindful Mornings at Dunn Brothers in Coralville

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