Tips For A Successful Home Office

home office spaceWhile some states are seeing a major drop in cases, others are seeing sudden rises, so working from home will be the norm for the foreseeable future for many of us. Which means you need a place to work, one that feels like your office and helps better focus on tasks at hand. In today’s blog, our team is looking at how to create and maintain an optimal home office!

Choosing Your Space

To ensure productivity and peace of mind, you need a space that allows you to work without distraction, so we suggest finding an area of your house separate from the noise and activities. Many people opt for a basement, attic, or spare bedroom. You can use your own bedroom, but often people prefer anther room, so their bedroom remains an escape from work, not a reminder of it. If you cannot find a room closed off from the rest of the house, you could create the illusion of this separation with a bookcase, folding screen, or using a desk pushed against the wall or corner, so when you’re seated with your back to the rest of the room.

Function and Appearance

At your office, you always take time to arrange your workspace to make you feel comfortable, and add a little personality. There is no reason not to do this at home too! Make sure your desk is large enough to accommodate your computer and any space you need for paperwork, and have your printer or scanner nearby for easy use. Natural light is recommended, but if you’re in a basement or attic space, make sure you have good lighting to give your eyes a break and to ensure your space feels inviting and cozy. The better the mood your space puts you in, the more productive you can be!

What About the Kids?

The challenges or may parents is that at the moment, kids are home for summer. While school is about to start, many communities will be moving online at least through September to see if the rate of COVID-19 cases drops. We suggest to help everyone in your home avoid unnecessary stress, try to keep your work space kid-free. They should do their homework or art projects somewhere else, and let you work in peace! This is a challenging time, and we’re all finding our own ways through the new normal, but we all have what it takes to succeed!

Need a Coffee Break?

If you’re working from home and need a little coffee break, remember that you can order online to skip the line, of take advantage of our drive-thru or delivery options. To learn more about our dine-in, take-out, delivery, or to-go options, you can contact Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020. We’re here seven-days-a-week with all of your Dunn Brothers favorites!