Create More Time for Yourself with a Better Schedule

Everyone has had the thought that, “I wish there were more of me,” or “I wish I could be two places at once,” or “I wish I had more time.” Well, unless you’ve got some sort of magical power that the rest of us can’t even begin to comprehend, you can’t manufacture more time. It will sadly always be a scarce commodity for creatives. However, what you can do is make more efficient use of the time that exists. When you do a better job of managing your schedule, you’ll find that you can get more time out of each day.

Treat Scheduling Like You Would Treat a Budget

When you want to make your money go further, you create a budget. A budget allows you to keep track of incoming revenue and anticipate expenses. If you need to save for something special, you can budget for the expense. That’s exactly how you should treat your schedule! Your personal and work schedules are like budgets for your own time. If you need to get more time out of your schedule for a special project, or for some needed relaxation, budget for it. Taking stock of your obligations helps you better manage your time.

Prioritize Tasks and Create Time Windows Throughout the Day

Another advantage to “budgeting” your time is that you’ll be able to notice time surpluses and deficits. If a certain task took you an hour less than you anticipated, then you can allocate that hour toward another task. You can also adjust your time budget for the future to create a more efficient schedule. Create time windows for each task throughout your daily schedule and remain flexible. If something takes longer than anticipated, or if you have some additional time, be prepared to use that time or make it up later.

If Something About Your Current Scheduling Practice Isn’t Working, Change it Up

If you currently try to budget your time and it just isn’t working, mix it up. If prioritizing tasks or creating a rigid outline of your daily agenda stresses you out, find a work around. Some people enjoy bullet journaling to add creativity to the (at times mundane) process of scheduling. Your schedule should be an asset that helps you better accomplish your goals. If it’s creating a stressor or an obstruction, change the way you use it. The last thing you want is for your time budget to make you less efficient and happy!

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