Sandwiches Are the Perfect Catering Option

Choosing catering for an event can be stressful. It feels like it should be an easy, fun decision. However, when you have to account for the taste and needs for a huge group of people (often a group of strangers), it can get a little overwhelming. How do you know what kind of food to choose and which vendor you can trust? Sandwiches are the answer. Sandwiches are actually the perfect catering choice. From the variety of options, to the convenience, to the ease of accommodation, sandwiches make your catering selections easy!

Sandwiches Can Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Sandwiches are an excellent catering option because they can account of all different kinds of taste. Sandwiches can fit into many different genres of cuisine. That’s incredibly helpful when choosing options for a large group of people. Does everyone want a chicken sandwich on ciabatta? What about a roast beef and cheddar? Maybe a BLT sounds perfect to one of your guests. When you choose sandwiches, you can accommodate all of those different tastes with one order. Sandwiches are a crowd pleaser.

Sandwiches Can Also Account for Allergy Needs

Food allergies are another hugely important consideration for anyone booking catering for an event. This is information that you should make sure to gather during the event-planning process. Once you have that information, you can make an informed decision about your catering menu. Sandwiches can accommodate for many food allergies, even gluten intolerance. Making lettuce wraps or using gluten-free bread, your guests can still enjoy the delicious contents of a sandwich even if they don’t eat wheat.

Sandwiches Are a Handheld Item

Another big factor that makes sandwiches a great catering option is convenience. Sandwiches are handheld food, so you don’t need a bunch of silverware or extra accessories to eat them. You can take a sandwich on the go and enjoy it in parts. You can even cut sandwiches in half to extend the amount of food that you order and give people flexible options for how much they eat during your event. Sandwiches will keep for a longer period of time than some messier foods as well. They really are a catering win.

Dunn Brothers Has Sandwiches and Catering

In addition to an extensive selection of house-roasted coffee, Dunn Brothers also has a delicious sandwich menu. We’ve got options that appeal to all palettes, and we provide catering. If your guests have specific allergy concerns, we can specially prepare and craft a menu that will ensure your attendees stay safe. If you’re in charge of food for your next event, consider Dunn Brothers. You can learn about catering options and sandwiches by contacting Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020.