Why Are Some Coffees Considered Dark Roast?

With so many varieties and methods for preparing and consuming coffee available, more people are breaking from their routines and trying something new. If you’re making a foray into the world of coffee and seeking to learn more about the roasted beverage, you’re probably curious about all of the different labels that come with coffee. How do the origins of coffee beans affect the coffee? What’s the real difference between light and dark roast? At Dunn Brothers, we know a thing or twelve about roasting. That’s because we roast our own coffee beans in house, every day.

Dark Roast Refers to the Color of the Bean, Which Is Determined by Roast Time and Temperature

The two critical factors to consider when roasting coffee beans are time and temperature (you’ll also want to be aware of relative humidity). These variables will determine the type of flavors that are released from the beans after roasting. There isn’t really an industry standard when it comes to light, medium, and dark roasts. It’s more of a preference that each roaster has. Darker roasts are generally roasted longer than lighter roasts. This can bring out more caramelization and a deeper, darker flavor. Darker roasts are typically lower in acidity than lighter roasts.

Does Dark Roast Coffee Have More Caffeine than Light Roast?

This is a common piece of misinformation that floats around coffee-drinking spheres. The idea that a heavier coffee with a more robust flavor must have more caffeine doesn’t sound totally ridiculous, but it is untrue. Light roast beans actually have more caffeine per volume, because they are more dense than dark roast beans. However, if you’re measuring your coffee out in mass — let’s say 30g for example — the different roasts will have more or less the same amount of caffeine.

How Can You Know Which Kind of Coffee You Will Like?

You may be curious as to whether you should tend toward a lighter or darker roast. Personal preference is something you will develop over time, but a great place to start is with the origin of the coffee. While lighter or darker roasts each have characteristic flavors, the origin of the beans largely determines the flavor. You can check most coffee bean varieties to see a list of flavor notes. Coffee can have fruity, acidic notes, or it can have smokey, chocolate notes. When you start to explore different varieties of coffee, you’ll discover a fascinating world of options!

Come Find Your Favorite Coffee at Dunn Brothers

We roast our beans in house at Dunn Brothers Coffee, because it gives us the chance to create brews that are truly unique. We carry a wide variety of beans, so you can always find the flavor profile you’re after. Come in and find your new favorite coffee variety today. Our baristas and roasters are always excited to talk coffee. Learn about all of our bean varieties by calling Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020.