Collaboration Starts with Communication

The key to any successful relationship is communication. That sounds like cliche dating advice, but it actually applies to the relationships throughout your life. Every relationship — from business to personal, to creative — starts with communication. Being transparent, honest, and direct with others builds trust and allows you to work together more effectively. If you’re forging a new, collaborative relationship, you should focus on your ability to communicate with one another first. Without effective communication skills, the rest of the relationship will fall apart.

Be Considerate of How You Communicate with Each Other

Different people communicate differently; it’s a product of each person’s upbringing. You may be a visual communicator. You may like to thoroughly explain something before starting on it, and you may expect to receive the same sort of explanation from the other person. How you communicate will affect how you collaborate. If you’re able to let your partner know how you communicate, they’ll better understand you, and they’ll know when to ask questions. If you fail to understand why your partner communicates the way they do, you may become frustrated or confused.

Choose a Space that Fuels Your Collaboration

Based on the nature of your collaborative relationship with another person, you may choose a variety of different work spaces. If the two of you are working on a project remotely, you may work independently and communicate by email. If you’re working together in the same room, you’ll want to choose a room that fuels your collaboration. An open, well-lit space encourages communication and openness. You may be surprised by how your work space affects your willingness and ability to communicate.

Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville Is Your Collaboration Station

We’re a team of collaborators, all fueled by our passion for coffee. We understand the value of strong communication between team members, and we’ve built a space that reflects that core value. Natural light, community seating, and an open floor plan are all assets for your collaboration. To learn about our menu of food selections and coffee roasts, contact Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA at 319-665-2020.